Residential Properties

Bhejane Projects have completed various new homes.

Homes ranging from 250m2 to 600m2 in various residential areas and golf estates within Gauteng. With upmarket and classy finishes to client specifications and designs. All building work is monitored and regulated by the NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration Council) and Master Home Builders Assosiation.(See NHBRC and MBACertificateS). Bhejane Projects will walk you through the process so that you can focus on your day to day work and personal activities.


Bhejane Projects is an installer of fiber-optic networks, copper, conduit and duct for major electrical & telecommunication clients throughout South Africa and into Africa.

We are experienced not only in “long haul” installation but also have installed fiber-optic networks in major metropolitan areas including Johannesburg, Tswane (Formally Pretoria), Nelson Mandela Bay (formally Port Elizabeth), Durban, Bloemfontein and Cape Town. We have installed up to 20 duct and have the ability to provide clients with end to end services including: Construction Management, Engineering Services, Underground and Aerial Construction. Bhejane Projects have in the past project managed various installations for some of the larger netwrok groups in Southern Africa.


(Turnkey projects) Bhejane Projects has undertaken larger projects, including factories and warehouses from 1500m2 to 8000m2.

Bhejane Projects currently provides services to various consulting engineering firms as well as private clients. From expanding and renovating old factories to building factories according to design, Bhejane projects can assist our client in all factes of building and project management.

Sporting facilities

Bhejane Projects are a supplier of ASTRO turf concrete cricket pitches for various local and international cricket organisations.

Bhejane has provided skills development on all projetcs in the previously disadvantaged communities by utilizing skills from the local community.Turn-key projects consisting of concrete palisade fencing, grass reinstatement, irrigation, construction of clubhouses (approximately 600m2) and indoor sporting facilities (approximately 800m2).

Astroturf concrete cricket pitches, basketball courts and grand stand structures. Bhejane has completed various turn key proejcts in most Rural and urban communities in Southern Africa. Bhejane currently also provides maintenance services to various sporting stadiums in Gauteng and currently holds a SERVICE PROVIDER OF THE YEAR 2011 award from Easterns Cricket Union in Benoni Gauteng.

Trenching and Civil Acceptance

Trenching for fibre-optic ducting; placement of ducting, according to client specification; re-instatement of trenches and surrounding areas.

We offer a complete solution to all your trenching needs. Our trenching services include Delivery, Digging, Laying of fiber optic ducts and electrical cable. Filling, Compaction of trenches according to civil acceptance by both government and private sector standards. Bhejane Projects works closely with appointed consulting engineering firms and delivers a quality product that conform to local and international standards. Since 2007 we have completed more than 150km of fiber and electrical type trenches for government and private sector clients.

Corporate Office and Showroom Fabrications and Alterations

Alterations of corporate offices and showrooms, from complete renovations of banks and retail outlets, shop fitting, lighting and industrial carpeting: can be completed.

Our highly trained teams of professionals can work with you to create an aesthetically pleasing look for your offices or shop. Bhejane works hand in hand with consulting engineers to create an end product that the client requires. From refurbishing banks, corporate offices, and motor dealer show rooms Bhejane delivers a quality product and delivers within the project deadline period.


Alterations and additions to existing residential homes, factories and warehouses, have been successfully completed by Bhejane Projects.

Our team pride themselves in being a team with a reputation that impresses. Let Bhejane Projects handle your alteration project and see why our way is the only way, you shall not be disappointed!

Site Establishment Eco Friendly Establishments

Accommodation and sustainability for Mining and Military camps.

Bhejane Projects provide accommodation and life support services to various sectors being the private sector and relative government entities. Mining and military camps are erected to stringent mining and military standards, safety and quality of these products being a priority for us and our client.

Once these mining and military camps are erected Bhejane Projects will sustain these camps by providing critical services such as power, sewer, water and security services to keep the camps operating without interruption and ensuring our clients piece of mind while conducting operations in the field. Bhejane Projects can establish the camps in South Africa and Africa.

Bhejane always takes into consideration the environmental impact these camps have once they have been established. Therefore Bhejane utilizes the latest technology when sustaining the camps to minimize the impact it has on the environment.


Maintenance of factories and warehouses are conducted according to stringent in-house (customer) standards.

Maintenance and repair of racking, stock cages, industrial roller doors, dock levellers, etc… Mainly for logistical companies, transport companies, and gold refineries.
We specialise in industrial and domestic painting of houses, factories, floors and roofs.

Maintenance and cleaning of vehicle show rooms is a service Bhejane Projects offers to the motor industry


Shop fitting: partitioning of offices and warehouses, professionally completed by Bhejane Projects.

Modern and cost effective applications.

With an excellent overall insight into the interior systems market for both commercial and residential applications, Bhejane Projects has a full understanding of its customers’ needs and is geared to serve the market with exceptional quality and service well into the future. Bhejane provides shop fitting to many large corporate concerns, always changing the corporate image to suite our clients needs at the time.

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